Honey Bee Information

Interesting facts about honey bees

There is only one queen in a hive

There are around 5,000 drones (male bees) and 50,000 worker bees (female bees) in a hive at the height of summer.

It is estimated to take around a million flower visits to produce one jar of honey.

More facts

Bees are the only creatures apart from Man who are known to be able to tell another of its kind where to find food without leading it there.  They do this by doing a “waggle dance” through which, by the length of movement and direction relative to the sun, the bees effectively draw a map out on the honeycomb for the other bees to read (which they do in the dark of the hive!).

All honey bees will die once they sting, except for the queen bee, which is able to sting more than once, but only uses her sting to kill rival queen bees hatching in the hive.

Swarm collection

We are very happy to collect swarms of honey bees that are accessible – we are sorry that we are not able to help with swarms or honey bee colonies that are within buildings.

If you have a swarm please do contact us as soon as possible.