Local honey extracted, bottled and sold locally – less food miles!

Honey from St Albans

From our local hives raw honey is extracted by hand straight from the honeycomb, strained to remove stray particles of wax from the honeycomb and then bottled into jars for pure and tasty honey.  There are no additives – just the highest quality honey.

Less food miles!

Food miles are the distance the food travels from point of production to point of sale.  We take this from the location of the hives to where we extract and bottle the honey and then back to the shop for sale. 

Our Carpenters’ Nursery honey travels about one food mile between collection, extraction, bottling and then back to Carpenters for sale.

You can buy our honey in the following shops in St. Albans

Carpenter’s Nursery & Farm Shop

Established since 1923, Carpenter’s is one of the oldest Garden Centres & Farm Shops in Hertfordshire.


The bakery in the heart of Wheathampstead Village offering fresh artisanal bread and cakes, and of course our honey.

Charlie’s Coffee & Company

Serving super coffee and cakes from their shop in London Road and their van at the City Station.

The Deli on Verulam

Providing the community with access to local, sustainable and artisan food and drink producers.

West End Barns

An environmentally sustainable business selling hot and cold drinks, a range of homemade cakes, delicious ice cream and other local products.