Copley & Buckley

Local honey, extracted, bottled and sold locally.  Less food miles!


Copley & Buckley has hives in St Albans and at Carpenter’s Nursery in Sandridge, St Albans. 

From these hives raw honey is extracted straight from the honeycomb, strained to remove stray particles of wax from the honeycomb and then bottled into jars.  At no time is the honey heat treated to prevent it from granulating, which means it will set.  If you like runny honey and our honey has set, it always possible to re-liquefy our honey (see granulated honey).

As a result of straining the honey, our honey will contain minute particles of pollen and wax which the straining process does not remove, and therefore sometimes the runny honey will not be crystal clear.  We think the honey is better for this!



Where can you buy our honey?


Honey from our hives at Carpenter’s Nursery can be bought exclusively from Carpenter’s Nursery in St Albans Road, Sandridge, St Albans.


Our honey from our other St Albans hives can be bought otherwise from Ushers Bakery in the Quadrant, Marshalswick, St Albans.

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Carpenter’s Nursery





Usher’s Bakery



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